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Achilles Tendon Strain
General points for Achilles Tendon Strain

A sole strain of the achilles tendon does not lead to a change of the tendon's structure. Here only the connections of the individual tendon threads are suspended among one another. Here the tendon is initially functionally weakened and painfully thickened. As long as a sole strain is diagnosed for you – to safely rule out a tear, an MRI is helpful – a non-operative therapy is mostly possible. Alongside general physical methods, special attention must be given in order to avoid a recurring traumatisation in the healing phase.

Operative therapy and aftercare

The operative treatment of an achilles tendon partial tear is necessary if pre-existing damage in the region of the torn portion makes self-healing unlikely, meaning that the risk exists that those portions of the tendon which are not yet damaged might be also damaged or torn. Here the torn portion of tendon is also reconnected by undertaking a sutural operative therapy. Generally the aftercare treatment can begin with a light fore-foot lower leg cast (approx. 15°) for 2 weeks, which is then changed to a lower leg orthosis (Vacuped shoe) for approx. four further weeks. With this, depending on the extent of the damage, a 20kg partial weight-bearing is already allowed after approx. four weeks. Through intensive physiotherapy and medical trainings therapy the ability to undertake competitions can be frequently reached in these cases at the end of the 12th to 16th week.

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